Meet Your Practitioners, Toronto Wellness Centre’s new Therapist: Amy Deacon

We are so excited to welcome Registered Social Worker Amy Deacon to the Toronto Wellness Centre team, offering counselling on Tuesdays at our downtown toronto clinic!

Get to know Amy with our Meet Your Practitioners Q&A!

Q: How long have you been a mental health therapist, and why did you choose this career?
A: I’ve been working as a mental health therapist for five years.  Like many, my life was greatly influenced by mental health, trauma and addiction issues.  However, it was not until my early twenties that I was able to access the therapeutic support and make sense of all I had been through.  Therefore, my goal is to provide others with a safe, professional environment to explore their issues and live their most empowered lives.

Q:What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: There are two things I love most about my work.  The first, is the people I work with.  Being able to listen to their stories, watch them find purpose in their pain and reclaim their lives is an honour.  The second is having faith in my clients, even when they don’t have faith in themselves.  I take such pride in being able to see the beauty in their broken, the light in their darkness.

Q: Why is your field important?
A: I think there is a growing awareness that mental health does not affect just one subset of the population.  It effects each and every one of us to varying degrees.  Therefore, this work is important in helping people make sense of their mental and emotional health, as we provide them with the skills, insight and tools to live their best lives.

Amy in Nature

Q: What is something surprising about yourself?
A: I LOVE watching American Football.  I blame my obsession on my husband.

Q: What do you like to do outside of your work at the Toronto Wellness Centre?
A: Spend quality time with my daughter and husband, traveling when we can and being in nature!

Q: What is something that you wish everyone knew about their health / wellness?
A: First, many of us only notice the health of our mental, emotional and physical state when it is on the brink of crisis.  This needs to change, as our health should be of the utmost priority.  Second, health and wellness are as much a physical state as they are a mental state, which is reflected in the way we care for ourselves, others and the environment, as well as our overall attitude towards life.  And just like anything else, it can be improved when we chose to prioritize it and make it part of our daily routine.

Amy is currently accepting new clients. To schedule your 50 minute counselling session, call 416-920-2722 or contact us here.