Corp. Health Talks

A healthy, happy worker is a productive worker.

Giving people the tips and direction for health and well-being are the first and most important steps to getting to the goal of a healthy vibrant workforce. Happy to visit your office at a time that works for your employees, the health practitioners at Toronto Wellness Centre can tailor our health and wellness talks to your specific needs or wants. We can also discuss the most common health problems associated with their work environment. The major topics we cover are stress, nutrition, posture, manual handling and exercise. We also spend some time explaining the professions and services we offer.

Ideal for lunchtime meet and greets, human resources events, and employee appreciation, Corporate Health Talks from the team at the Toronto Wellness Centre are complimentary, customizable, informative, and fun!

Our goal at the Toronto Wellness Centre is have our patients at their best, which means less sick days, happier, less pain and stiffness and better energy and mood. Please feel free to contact us to set up a time and discuss any questions you might have.