Chiropractic and Kids

Through my career I have had people ask me if I treat children with chiropractic. The answer is a capital YES!

Children¬†have a nervous system just like adults, they have a skeletal system that is on the path to being just like adults. The birth process is one that is very hard and physical on both the mother and baby and very often when these problems can start. The upper neck is at high risk of strain from the compression and pulling that are so common in today’s births. As their spine develops and starts to weight-bear the stresses change. How that body adapts to that change can have long lasting effects.

Chiropractic with kids is where I feel I can make the most impact in their lives. They are still growing and developing, so when we get proper alignment and nervous system function we remove potential barriers for that growth. With chiropractic the results are quick and they last for much longer in kids than adults.

I have found over the years however, that kids are starting to fall into the same traps as adults now more than ever. Being a kid use to be about playing outside and in sport. Now kids are more happy being on a smart phone or playing video game. Long periods of sedentary activities are similar to adults working a 40 hour week, so it is putting more strain on their bodies than ever before; that strain is from inaction rather than overuse. As such, kids are starting to show more adult posture problems.

Thankfully, there is starting to be some push back from parents, emphasizing the vital importance of physical activity. Getting kids in the habit of enjoying physical playing and sport will let them carry that trough to adulthood. This healthier child will respond to much better to chiropractic and reduce the frequency of needing to get their spine checked.