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Chiropractic Technique

SOT, Chiropractic, wellness, health, chiropractor, stress. Our body is a complex machine with at last estimated count, 10 trillion moving parts (cells). That is a complex system that needs a complex controlling system. That system is the nervous system. We put our bodies through a lot of different stressors on a day in day out […]

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Winter Wonderland

Slips, back pain, falls, shoveling, snow With the first snowfall of the winter, it gives us a quick reminder that winter is coming and it will stay for the next few months. We all love the nice storybook picture of winter landscape, but the reality is there are many perils that come with that winter […]

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Don’t let your sciatic pain become a lifelong problem

Sciatica, foot drop, back pain, pins and needles, leg weakness, leg numbness. If you have ever been diagnosed with sciatica, it is important to find the reason for it. Sciatica is a general term that is used to indicate pressure on your sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve comprises of 5 nerves (Nerve Roots) that exit […]

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Whole Body Health

Can a car with bad alignment still be driven? Yes, but will it handle well?? Will the tires last as long?? How about a car running on 5 cylinders instead of 6? Yes, but will it have the same power?? True the car will get you from point A to B. So why do we […]

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Helping Posture in the Workplace

I hope all of you have had a good chat with your health and safety team about the correct ergonomics of a desk and computer. Here is a quick picture for you. A few other easy tips to help 1. Stay hydrated, 1/3rd of your spinal height is made from your intervertebral discs, these 70-90% […]

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