Toronto Wellness Centre Climbs the CN Tower

We are very excited to be supporting the World Wildlife Fund as we prepare to climb Toronto’s famous CN Tower as a team on April 26th, 2015!

Our team is made up of Toronto Wellness Centre staff and friends of the clinic. We’ll be climbing 1776 individual steps (that’s 144 flights) and the whole team is excited for this physical challenge!

As we prep for the climb, we’ll be training (watch out stairs: we’re coming for you!) and ensuring that each team member feels their best with regular chiropractic adjustments. Maintaining wellness is key as a big event approaches, and also for day-to-day life. After the climb, we’ll be feeling extra lucky to have two Registered Massage Therapists on hand, that’s for sure!

With proceeds going to support animals in need such as majestic right whales, powerful polar bears, intelligent Great Apes, mysterious clouded leopards, and many more, we’ll need your help. Donations can be made here to sponsor our climb and help these amazing animals!

Thank-you for your support!