Our Therapist: Eden Mebrahtu

Therapy at the Toronto Wellness Centre is for individuals and families who are motivated for growth, change and healing.

Our Registered Psychotherapist Eden Mebrahtu is accepting new clients, and has specialized expertise in:

  • COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY: CBT is an evidence-based collaborative talk therapy that deals with the way you think about yourself, others and the world around you. The way you think impacts the way you feel and what you do in any given situation. CBT gives you a new awareness and understanding of how you think, which empowers you to better manage and overcome life challenges. Research shows that CBT is one of the most effective methods of psychotherapy, specifically for depression, anxiety, eating issues, anger, addiction, low self-esteem and chronic pain.
  • STRENGTHS BASED COUNSELING: SBC helps build resilience and bounce back from hardships. The counselor and the clients work together to find past and present successes to address current life challenges.
  • LIFE COACHING SERVICES: LCS helps you develop effective strategies for personal growth and career achievement.

Addiction | Anger | Anxiety | Assertiveness | Avoidance & Procrastination | Body Image | Career Changes/Issues | Childhood Issues | Chronic Pain | Cultural Identity | Decision Making | Depression | Faith-Related Issues | Family Issues | Feeling Stuck | Grief & loss | Guilt & Shame | Life Transitions | Life Trauma | Physical Abuse | Relationship Issues | Self-Worth & Self-Esteem | Sexual Abuse | Shyness | Spiritual Concerns | Stress | Weight-Related Issues